Come See How Good Culinary Experiences Are Done in the Big Apple

Del Lago Casino Restaurants offers a unique and exciting dining experience. They bring the western side of Mexico to life in everything from their food to their decor. Whether you enjoy Mexican, Tex-Mex, or an American style menu you will find a dining experience that fits your style and budget.

Del Lago Casino Restaurants provides a wide variety of choices for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers small family-style portions that are full of flavor and offer plenty of food for sharing. Some of the meals include classic favorites like Rojo Chicken, Tamales, Burritos, and other Mexican dishes, as well as California-style and vegetarian options. You can even find some specialty items to enjoy with your meal!

Before you head out to eat you should sample some of the delicious appetizers, like the Taco El Mano Tacos, Tortilla Pizzas, and Tostones. You can also try some of the signature dishes, like the Tonay and Tortuga de Pollo. You can also find a great selection of breakfast food at the restaurant, including the Coffee and Eggs. Or you may prefer a place to grab a nice lunch or dinner snack.

Casinos and nightlife are a great place to enjoy a fabulous evening. Find a fun place to dine and enjoy your next event at one of the Del Lago Casino Restaurants.

Downtown Los Angeles is a fun and exciting place to dine and we have an array of restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Take advantage of the outdoor seating available at the tables and watch the sunset as you enjoy an amazing seafood feast or, if you prefer, take advantage of the outdoor bar and live entertainment.

Del Lago Casino Restaurants is just a few blocks away from Downtown LA’s Best Pizza, located near the hotel. Just a few steps away is Gervasi’s Italian Deli, a casual Italian restaurant offering the traditional and fresh flavors of Italy.

If you’re headed downtown for dinner and a show visit Gervasi’s (at the corner of North Spring Street and 7th Avenue) for all of your tastes and selections. Find traditional fare and try a new American-style option like the Tex-Mex menu or the Artisan Italian and tantalizing Brunch menu.

Go check out the various locations to find out the best Los Angeles Las Vegas dining experience! And don’t forget to check out the restaurants that are only a few blocks away from Downtown Los Angeles.